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Roberto Straccia founded “Prisma Serramenti” in 1982, starting his business in the building industry by proposing interior doors. In the early 90s the trademark “Roberto Straccia Studio” started to produce luxury and patented doors in classical and modern style, approaching foreign markets.

The privileged foreign market is Russia, where an 18-year collaboration with the business partner ‘Bellissimo’ has resulted in the opening of two showrooms in Saint Petersburg.

In all the countries where the company has worked, from Malaysia to the United Arab Emirates to Europe, the doors by ‘Roberto Straccia Studio’ have always satisfied the most demanding customers.

The passion for wood and glass, the attention to detail and finishes, the continuous study of new solutions, the skilful manual ability and the custom-made creations make ‘Roberto Straccia Studio’ products simply unique. Every single door is perfect for those who are looking for the exclusivity, personalization and quality of Italian craftsmanship.

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Roberto Straccia

Roberto Straccia

CEO, Designer